The CANSAT Transmitter Module is an RF subsystem designed for applications where a low-cost low-power radio link is required. The Transmitter Module is compatible with the AX.25 protocol using Unnumbered Information (UI) packets, and is capable of operating at 1200 bps and 9600 bps. The data packets can be formatted to conform to the APRS packet structure.


Frequency Bands2m, 70cm, 916 MHz
Operating Voltage5 to 12 volts
Data InterfaceUART at 38.4 Kbits/sec

Ordering Requirements:

Specify SMA connector or Wire
Specify band, 2m, 70cm, or 916 MHz.

Download Cansat Transmitter Datasheet

Order from Pratt Hobbies ($89.95 + $10 with SMA Connector)