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Flight Ready Stensat

We delivered our flight ready satellite to Stanford on April 13, 1999!


Stensat is a small (12 cubic inch, 8.2 ounce) satellite which is intended for use by amateur radio operators world wide and will operate as a single channel mode "J" FM voice repeater.  The uplink frequency will be 145.84 MHz and the downlink will be 436.625 MHz.  Stensat will periodically transmit 1200 baud AX.25 for broadcasting telemetry.  Additionally, amateur radio operators will be able to "PING" the satellite by transmitting a six digit DTMF command to the receiver uplink. 

Stensat was developed as part of Stanford University's OPAL Orbiting Picosatellite Automated Launcher project. Stensat is one satellite out of a cluster of six picosatellites that were ejected from the OPAL platform.  Stensat was launched into orbit on January 26, 2000 and was released from the OPAL launcher on February 10th but to date no confirmed signals have been received from Stensat.


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